Security Clearance RED! WARNING: Knowledge or possession of this information by any citizen of Security Clearance INFRARED constitutes treason punishable by summary execution!

Welcome to RED CLEARANCE, citizen!

Until today you were just another Clearance INFRARED worker, working a low-pay job for one of The Computer’s service firms. For a hundred credits a month you did light drudgework in a food vat, bot maintenance facility, reactor control room or clone tank.

The work was dull. Meals consisted of microwaved Hot Fun pouchmeals, extruded ropes of Cold Fun and a bag of algae flakes, washed down with CoffeeLike, TeaSir or the occasional Bouncy Bubble Beverage. You slept in a different bunk each night in the communal barracks. It was loud as a boiler room. It smelled like turpentine. You got skin rashes and ringworm. Still, you drifted along blissfully in a haze of free HappiTime medication.

Then you reported another INFRARED’s treasonous behavior to your friend The Computer. In recognition of your service, The Computer promoted you to RED Clearance, awarded you 1,000 credits and your own quarters, authorized a reduction in sedation, and granted a token treasure from the high-clearance hydroponic gardens: an apple.

A real apple.

Eating that apple — the first time you’d ever tasted actual food! — you realized people at higher clearances eat like this all the time.

Thinking clear thoughts — the first time you’d done that, too — you burned with a new desire: to live better than you have. To get ahead.

The Computer told you the name of that variety of apple: Red Delicious.

Your High Purpose and Great Opportunity

The Computer has already shown its trust in you by promoting you to Security Clearance RED. By recruiting you now to its elite Troubleshooter service unit, The Computer demonstrates its confidence that you can face any problem caused by any traitor in any sector of Alpha Complex. Total victory is now in sight. Do your part! Fulfill your mission! Serve The Computer and you will rise rapidly in its service.

Beware! Traitors are everywhere! The safety of your fellow Troubleshooters and the security of Alpha Complex depend on you. Immediately report any treasonous or insubordinate behavior or any suspicion of treason or insubordination to The Computer. Failure to do so is treason.
Some of your fellow Troubleshooters may serve The Computer as guardians of Internal Security. They are here to protect you. They diligently report every hint of treasonous or insubordinate behavior to The Computer. Rejoice to know any treason among your companions will be discovered and punished!

You may be asked to test experimental equipment or perform vital services for your own or other service firms. Honor these simple requests, for they help The Computer protect and serve Alpha Complex!

Your missions may take you to unfamiliar sections of Alpha Complex. The traitors you face may try to subvert you with unfamiliar and treasonous ideas. Be prepared! Know the enemy! Guard against treason!

When you are troubled or uncertain, always remember the honorable legacy of the Troubleshooters who perished before you. Do as they did. Serve The Computer. The Computer is your friend.

Friend Computer

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