Bouncy Bubble Beverage

Bouncy Bubble Beverage (often referred to as B3 or sometimes BBB or even Triple B) is a carbonated drink and is the mandatory beverage of choice in Alpha Complex.

Known to give an instant boost in energy, B3 is the preferred drink of Troubleshooters and other citizens who need a quick lift and haven’t got time to consider the medical consequences. B3 vending machines are placed all throughout Alpha Complex for the convenience (and sometimes inconvenience) of all clones. Made from a mixture of caffeine, sugar, acid and amphetamines, the exact formula for B3 is a closely guarded secret known just to a handful of ULTRAVIOLETs.

Some Troubleshooters have taken to adapting a can of B3 as a weapon as, when well shaken, it will explode violently when thrown at a CMT, or shot. Of course, the troubleshooter may then be required to pay for a scrubot to clean up the mess, and to explain to Friend Computer why he wasted a good can of B3.

Rumors that B3 has various side-effects including uncontrollable twitching, the shakes and psychosis are, of course, treason.

Comes in Original, New! Improved! and Recaffeinated Lite flavors.

Bouncy Bubble Beverage

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