Similar to bots needing DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS and vehicles needing DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS, clones in Alpha Complex need food to continue living and operating. A clone’s nutritional requirements will depend upon their level of activity, but rest assured that as long as The Computer cares for its citizens, all such requirements will be sufficiently met.

Food for Alpha Complex citizens varies according to their security clearance. Infrareds live on the nutritious goop cooked up in the food vats (often made from algae) while ULTRAVIOLETs feast like present day monarchy, should they choose to. The average citizen’s diet is often added to by Bouncy Bubble Beverage, Hot Fun, Cold Fun, Fizz Wizz and Algae Chips.


Alpha Complex relies on certain organic compounds as the basis for clones’ food. Algae, lichens, and certain fungi are carefully cultivated, processed, textured, and flavored to make them edible palatable and appealing. Food technologists within some of PLC’s Service Firms are constantly experimenting with new combinations of texture and flavor, looking to create the next “crowd-pleaser” which will bring new service contracts

Types of Foods

There are many types of food offered in Alpha Complex.

Staples and Main Courses

  • “High Tension Power Cable” is the popular nickname for a foodstuff, not unlike Plankto-Loaf, which an enterprising R&D technician ran some conductivity tests on. PLC, R&D, and Power Services now produce similar recipes, and sometimes argue bitterly over whose recipe is superior.
  • Hot Fun
  • INFRARED Filler” is one of the many names for the nutritious liquid ((The term is used charitably)) which is typically fed to Infrareds. Other names include “Soylent Black” and “Sewage Pipe Overflow.” It tends to be flavorless and slightly acidic to aid in digestion.
  • Plankto-Loaf is one of the many names for the solid brick-like substance which is offered to citizens of RED clearance and above who can reasonably be trusted with utensils. It tends to have a subtle flavor to it. Rumors that some REDs taste that flavor and prefer to return to the “good old INFRARED days” are treason.
  • SoyLyke

Snack Foods and Side-Dishes

Secondary foods are often provided alongside the main dishes, above, as a matter of contrast, supplement, or relief.

Desserts and Candies

This class of foods are the “sometimes” foods of Alpha Complex. They are not offered with regular meals except on special occasions. They are, however, available as extra purchases with ones’ meals or as standalone foodstuff items. Please be considerate of your fellow clones, and be careful not to get any of that sugary junk into on any keyboards or in any shower heads.

  • Cold Fun
  • Fizz Wizz
  • NearChocoBiscuits
  • Gloo-Choo: A flavored resin which releases its flavor slowly as it’s chewed. It tends to retain its flavor for a very long time, longer even than most clones want to chew it. It gets its name from the fact that some service groups like R&D and Armed Forces traitors sometimes use it as an adhesive for temporary repairs.


Beverages are not just accompaniments to “wash down” the more standard meal items listed above. Sometimes clones get thirsty in addition to or instead of getting hungry. Some beverages even attain their own following, inspiring catchy jingles, public demonstrations, and secret societies.


FunFoods are a variety of severely processed foods created in the food vats for the citizens of Alpha Complex. FunFoods include such perennial favorites as Soylent Red, Hot Fun, Cold Fun, and Algae Chips. Lower clearance citizens eat FunFoods almost exclusively. As citizens rise in security clearance, they gain access to other Real Foods, grown in the Hydroponics Gardens.

One might ask ‘What goes into FunFoods?’ Most would answer ‘That is above your security clearance, citizen.’ A more informative, and hence more treasonous, answer would be ‘What DOESN’T go into FunFoods?’ Anything with any sort of nutritional value at all has the potential of ending up in FunFoods. Yes, we do mean ANYTHING… we’ll leave the specifics up to your imagination. The one set of ingredients common to all FunFoods would be drugs. FunFoods are the primary delivery system for most hormone suppressants, as well as many other wonderful pharmaceuticals designed for the ‘benefit’ of the citizens of Alpha Complex.


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