Names and Gender


Citizens in Alpha Complex are named according to this scheme:

[Given name]-[clearance initial]-[home sector]-[clone number]

Given name

Some are drawn from databases of Old Reckoning names; others are wholly made up. Generally a single word; multiple-word personal names or names with internal capitals are discouraged but accepted. In some sectors The Computer selects names randomly; in others the teacherbots or human staff in the creche assign names.

Examples: Billy, Sue, Ken.

Clearance initial

The first letter of your ROYGBIV security clearance. INFRAREDs use no initial, to avoid confusion with INDIGOs. High Programmers use U for ULTRAVIOLET.

Examples: Billy (INFRARED), Sue-G, Ken-U.

Home sector

The three-letter code designating the sector where you grew up. Given the prevalence of duty reassignments, redistricting and sector-wide disasters, this is not always your assigned sector in later life.

Examples: Billy-BCN, Sue-G-XTU, Ken-U-RON.

Clone number

The number of your current clone incarnation. You start the game with the original You, colloquially called ‘the Prime’ and numbered 1. Each time you die, increase the clone number by 1.

Examples: Billy-BCN-1, Sue-G-XTU-4, Ken-U-RON-6.

Sabotage or software failure sometimes produces Junior Citizens with defective names: John-Paul-George-Ringo, Tra-LAH-LAH-LAH, Juan-2-B-U-LVA, 24-17-33-Hike. CPU procedures for renaming these citizens are intricate and lengthy; some citizens reach adulthood before gaining a correct name.


Gender is not an issue in Alpha Complex. Low-clearance citizens (that is, the great majority) take daily hormone suppressants that minimize physical differences between the genders and absolutely annihilate all romantic or physical interest.

Your Troubleshooter team may someday undertake a mission to a ruined sector, or even go Outdoors, far away from Alpha Complex. After a day in such circumstances, equally far from the suppressant medication, characters, especially those in mixed groups, may become aware of strange new feelings.

No player past puberty really needs guidance in roleplaying incipient lust. Some players enjoy displaying restive androgenated or estrogenized personalities through exaggerated stereotypical behavior: The ladies primp, giggle, stage impromptu TeaLike parties and coo over cute little bots, while the menfolk grunt a lot, pump iron, scratch themselves and go out in the woods and drum.

Names and Gender

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