Security Clearance

The Computer has promoted you from your previous INFRARED Clearance to your new and exciting RED Clearance. Your new security clearance signifies The Computer’s benevolent trust in you. The Computer is your friend.

To review (as specified in HPD&MC Directive NSC-RED-44A rev 4,675, Orientation for the Newly Trusted), The Computer’s system of security clearances follows the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum: RED, your current clearance, followed in ascending order by ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, and VIOLET. INFRARED is below RED, and ULTRAVIOLET (the clearance of the illustrious High Programmers) is above VIOLET. The higher a citizen’s clearance, the more deeply The Computer trusts that citizen.

All citizens are required to wear clothing of the same color as their security clearance. As an INFRARED you wore black. With your new RED Clearance The Computer has thoughtfully provided a new red jumpsuit and boots. Wear them at all times. Failure to comply is treason.

(EXCEPTION: You may temporarily remove all or part of your clothing for hygienic purposes such as showering. Good hygiene is essential to good citizenship. Poor hygiene is insubordination.)

The Computer determines each citizen’s clearance with complete impartiality. Higher clearance means greater responsibility; it also brings benefits. The Computer cares for the needs of all citizens, of course, but it rewards most greatly those who sacrifice the most for the sake of society and their fellow beings.

Citizens of higher clearance are not necessarily more knowledgeable or capable than you. They have advanced solely because they selflessly served the greater good and earned The Computer’s trust. Admire, respect and defer to higher-clearance citizens. Failure to defer at all times is insubordination and may be treason.

If you serve The Computer well, you will earn its greater trust and thereby advance in security clearance.

Aspire to advance! Seek to serve Alpha Complex in ever greater ways! Failure to aspire may be considered insubordination.

To ensure that only citizens of the requisite competence and trustworthiness have access to restricted areas, The Computer has divided Alpha Complex into colored areas. Citizens may only enter areas of their clearance or lower. You must stay within black (INFRARED) and RED areas at all times. Failure to do so is treason.

Remember, The Computer is your friend!

Security Clearance

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