Troubleshooting. Shooting Trouble. Trouble Shooting.

Serve The Computer well, and you too may join [NAME DELETED]!

The Computer also attends regretfully to the pervasive presence of traitors. Traitors are everywhere! Though final crushing victory over Communist subversion is close at hand, the traitors’ last shrill treason-laden gasps still endanger their innocent victims. Fight on, Troubleshooter, fight on for The Computer and all Alpha Complex!

Your Tasks

  1. Serve The Computer.
  2. Locate and eliminate traitors, including (but not limited to) Communists,secret society saboteurs and terrorists, unregistered mutants, data pirates, WMD manufacturers and IR Marketeers.
  3. Investigate and eradicate corruption.
  4. Remove dangers to the good order and smooth operation of Alpha Complex.

Aside from these duties, you have some personal goals. Many are universal among citizens of Alpha Complex. Most citizens prioritize them as follows:

  1. Survive!
  2. Rise in security clearance.
  3. Get rich.
  4. Further your secret society’s goals.

Additional Tasks

Locate and apprehend or destroy unregistered mutants. They endanger human genetic purity and must be terminated or enlisted in our great cause.

Do not terminate registered mutants, innocent citizens who realized they possess, through no fault of their own, a treasonous mutant power. These unwitting traitors promptly reported their power to The Computer. In its wisdom and benevolence, The Computer forgives those who make full confession, and it permits registered mutants to live. However, The Computer requires registered mutants to wear a uniform with yellow stripes at all times. (YELLOW Clearance mutants wear a blackbordered yellow stripe.) Registered mutants are not subject to apprehension or termination when they use their powers. Encourage these former traitors to use their inhuman powers responsibly,for the good of all Alpha Complex, so they may someday overcome their unfortunate terrible stigma.

Locate and apprehend or destroy members of secret societies. They are traitors, often terrorists, and must be brought to justice.

The existence of many secret societies is public knowledge. It is not technically illegal to discuss their treasonous doctrines and objectives, the better to enforce good order or promote greater sensitivity to danger. Remember, though, as a Troubleshooter you are The Computer’s trusted emissary.Discourage ordinary citizens from frivolously discussing these dangerous organizations.

The Good Fight

Due to past isolated incidents of lax security, unsupervised thoughts and poor hygiene, traitors have infiltrated Alpha Complex from the lowest to the highest levels. It may surprise you to learn traitors have even been identified on Troubleshooter teams like yours! Be vigilant in guarding against these rare but troubling incidents.

Very soon The Computer will finally defeat the forces of Communism, terrorism and subversion and guarantee a loyal, stress-free Alpha Complex. With constant alertness and unwavering commitment you can help ensure freedom from worry for all citizens. The Computer is counting on you and your fellow Troubleshooters to help make this Year 214 the last year you need ever worry about anything.

Heroes and Traitors

To maintain good order, The Computer has enlisted many loyal citizens like yourself. Those who serve with distinction are shining examples for all right-thinking people in Alpha Complex. In the ongoing ‘Heroes of Our Complex’ (HOOC) initiative The Computer periodically recognizes and honors meritorious individuals of all clearances. These lucky friends of The Computer see their smiling faces on evening vidshows, transtube loyalty posters and food containers.

For example, this month’s HOOC honoree reduced waiting time by 22.3% on a perline basis in her PLC subsector warehouse routing office through the simple yet ingenious expedient of subdividing the single line for each security clearance into three separate alphabetical lines indexed by weekday and devising a schedule designating visiting days for each alphabetical segment of customers. For this HOOC-worthy innovation, congratulations to [NAME DELETED per IntSec corrective order following discovery of treasonous history].


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