Character Creation

You will now create your character. This will be lots of fun and not in the least anxiety provoking. Anxiety is forbidden.

In the presence of your fellow players, be extremely careful to hide all confidential information, including your Secret skills, secret society and mutant power. Hide nothing from the Gamemaster! Attempts to hide information from the GM earn immediate and dramatic reprisal!

Be aware of other players’ attempts to cheat, and report such violations instantly to the Gamemaster. Relax in the confident assurance the GM will chastise these cheaters appropriately. Relaxation is mandatory! Failure to relax will be corrected instantly!

Your Troubleshooter’s character sheet records the following resources:

  • Skills, as well as optional specialties within those skills:
    • Three Action skills (Management, Stealth, Violence)
    • Three Knowledge skills (Hardware, Software, Wetware)
    • Three Secret skills (classified as Uncommon, Unlikely and Unhealthy)
    • A vital specialty in Energy Weapons, under the Violence skill
    • Up to six optional common specialties and six narrow specialties in the Action and Knowledge skills
  • Employment in a service firm, which grants you one mandatory service firm specialty
  • A mutant power
  • Membership in one secret society
  • 25 Perversity points
  • Two recognizable tics of behavior that
    can earn you more Perversity points
  • Two attributes: Power and Access
  • Equipment — personal equipment you buy yourself, and equipment assigned by The Computer or its service firms
  • 1,000 credits in savings (about a month of ordinary expenses)

Character Creation

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