Long ago, in Old Reckoning times before The Computer began guiding Alpha Complex — before Alpha Complex even existed! — humans once reproduced by rutting, like vile animals.

Shudders and expressions of revulsion are permitted, though not mandatory.

Because The Computer cares deeply for all citizens, it now grows them in clone tanks. This is much less messy and disgusting than the old way, and far less random. The Computer ensures every human citizen is genetically perfect in all respects. Improved by a program of mandatory hormone suppressants, human citizens are no longer troubled by the bestial urges of past generations.

The Computer’s researchers in [[R&D]] continue to pioneer stunning advances in cloning technology. Earlier generations of citizens were grown in ‘clone families’ of six genetically identical siblings, all decanted from the tanks at the same time. When they died, their precious genetic heritage was lost to Alpha Complex. Today, thanks to advances in forced-growth cloning technology, The Computer’s loyal servants in Technical Services can now produce new clone copies of any citizen at will.

R&D’s amazing MemoMax technology can copy and transfer the deceased citizen’s memories to a new clone with speed and absolute accuracy. Tech Services installed your MemoMax circuitry before you were decanted, and it functions perfectly today.

The rare citizen of Alpha Complex who meets an untimely demise must sometimes wait for resources to become available to grow a new replacement body. In contrast, as a Troubleshooter you enjoy The Computer’s fullest consideration.

Though you need not expect unusual hazards as you locate and terminate the last remaining vicious Communist enemies of Alpha Complex, The Computer has thoughtfully ordered for you five ready backup clones and a MemoMax Constant Realtime Update Priority link. The CRUP link ensures the highest priority for your return to action.

You may obtain more clone replacements, beyond the original five, from Tech Services at a regulated cost per set of six—though


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