Old Reckoning

Term used to describe the time before The Computer took control of Alpha Complex.

Many artifacts of the time of the Old Reckoning can still be found in remote areas of the complex. Such items are certainly rare, and are rumored to be extremely valuable, and quite unimagineably powerful. Quite often it is nothing more than a broken vacuum cleaner, but the loyal citizens of AC have never seen its like before, and treat it like an untold treasure.

Citizens discovering items of the Old Reckoning are instructed to give the items immediately and without hesitation over to IntSec, [[R&D]], or the Armed Forces. Which group is the correct one will depend entirely upon who witnessed the discovery.

Many citizens ignore this standing directive, and keep the artifacts or trade them on the IR Market. Such behavior is extremely treasonous, but the potential profit to be had is too great for most clones to pass up.

Old Reckoning

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