Service Firms

A service firm is a for-profit company that performs duties for a particular service group. Any service firm can take on any contract for its supervising group. Each service firm is run by a Board of Directors, high-clearance citizens who selflessly direct its operations on The Computer’s behalf for the good of all Alpha Complex. Immediately report instances of service firm corruption and malfeasance to Internal Security. Failure to report corruption is treason.

From the time you were decanted, your friend The Computer arranged your education to ideally suit you for a particular service group. When you reached age 14 and left your clone creche, you worked at one of that group’s service firms as an INFRARED line worker. The Computer acknowledges and thanks you for your years of service there prior to your promotion to Clearance RED. Now that you have donned the red reflec overalls of the Troubleshooter, The Computer has graciously ordered your service firm to reassign you to a part-time position. You will still work there when not on a Troubleshooter mission.

In the unlikely event you encounter terminal danger while on a mission, The Computer will order Technical Services to transfer your brain’s recorded memories to a new, identical clone body. Unless you are currently on a mission and thus given high priority, Technical Services backlogs sometimes may keep you out of action so long your service firm must regretfully let you go. In these rare cases The Computer assigns you to another service firm in the same group.

If your career is particularly eventful, you may end up at a new service firm after each mission.

Won’t that be fun?

Service Firms

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