Service Groups

Eight service groups, or their associated service firms, take care of the day-to-day running of Alpha Complex. Every citizen works for one of these groups. Rumors of terrible rivalries and inter-service conflict are treason and are not at all true.

The service groups:

Armed Forces

Protection against threats both external and internal.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Executive operations, regulations, records, justice, human resources and culture engineering.

Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control (HPD&MC)

Education, entertainment, housekeeping, creche management and recreation.

Internal Security (IntSec)

Maintenance of good order; location and elimination of traitors.

Power Services

Maintenance of nuclear and other energy sources and primary habitat systems—traffic, air, water and waste.

Production, Logistics & Commissary (PLC)

Food and industrial production and allocation of resources.

Research & Design (R&D)

Creation of new technology and equipment.

Technical Services

Maintenance of bots, vehicles, cloning services, industrial and production systems, and electronic and mechanical service systems.

Service Groups

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