The Computer

The Computer is the ruling artificial intelligence ultimately in charge of every facet of life in Alpha Complex.

The Computer started life as just an ordinary civic computer, responsible for the welfare of the citizens of the Old Reckoning Alpha Complex, a vast city covering what was once refered to as central California. Then, something that nobody can quite remember happened. Alpha Complex was under threat and it seemed that something called commies were to blame. The Computer decided to cut itself off from the rest of the North American network and rally its citizens to meet the new menace. Modern day Alpha Complex was born.

The Computer cares. Friend Computer cares deeply about the citizens under it. This part of FC’s personality has remained largely intact from its Old Reckoning days, although it is has adapted to the needs of modern day life in Alpha Complex – mainly the need to be ever vigilant.

The Computer is paranoid. The Computer is terribly worried about the commies. Ever since it can remember, The Computer has been worried about commie invasion. In fact, some say that it was the threat of commie invasion that led to The Computer’s decision to take charge of the running of Alpha Complex and seal it from outside invasion. Saying something like this in front of The Computer is not advisable.

The Computer also worries about commie agents disguised as loyal citizens. This makes life interesting for loyal citizens.

The Computer is never wrong. The Computer can’t be wrong. Anyone who says otherwise is clearly a commie traitor.

The Computer is highly competent. Not only is The Computer never wrong but it is always right, too! The fact that The Computer has its CPU and memory subnodes distributed all over Alpha Complex does NOT mean that sometimes its left subnode doesn’t know what its right subnode is doing. Do I need to tell you how treasonous rumors are?

The Computer is everywhere. Or so FC would like you to think. Almost every corner of Alpha Complex is monitored by security cameras, all of which are apparently linked directly to The Computer. Rumors that many are actually inactive or simply not working are treason. Rumors that there are certain forgotten parts of Alpha Complex free from any kind of monitoring are highly treasonous.

The Computer

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